James DePasquale is a lifelong resident of the City of Pittsburgh and a native of the neighborhood Oakland. The son of the late president of Pittsburgh City Council, Eugene “Jeep” DePasquale, Mr. DePasquale graduated from Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School in 1968 before he went on to earn his BA in Spanish Literature from the University of South Carolina. After earning his BA Mr. DePasquale enlisted in the United States Peace Corps, volunteering in the department of agriculture and serving in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua where he met his wife Helen to whom he has been married since 1972. Mr. DePasquale and his wife left Nicaragua after they barely survived the Managua Earthquake of 1972. Upon his return to the U.S.A. Mr. DePasquale enrolled in the University of Indiana Bloomington where he taught Spanish in the undergraduate school and earned a double MA in Spanish Literature and History. Following graduate school Mr. DePasquale earned his JD from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and during his time there he worked in the District Attorney’s Office of Allegheny County. Mr. DePasquale was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar in 1979. Mr. DePasquale is fluent in Spanish and has taught Translating Legal Documents at the University of Pittsburgh.

Mr. DePasquale has established a legacy of studying law in his family, as his eldest son Thomas has a BA in Criminal Justice from West Liberty University and his younger son Mark recently graduated from law school and passed the Pennsylvania Bar Exam. Mr. DePasquale’s nephew Eugene DePasquale is also an attorney and is currently serving his second term as the Pennsylvania Auditor General. Mr. DePasquale shares his office with his cousin Domenic Bellisario who is a well established labor attorney in the area and specializes in Social Security Law, Workers Compensation Law, and Employment Law.

Since 1979 Mr. DePasquale has been in private practice, concentrating almost entirely on criminal defense and plaintiff’s personal injury. He also does City of Pittsburgh fireman disciplinary hearings and civil service appeals. Mr. DePasquale has tried hundreds of civil and criminal cases to verdict, including more than a dozen homicide cases, four of those death penalty cases.

Mr. DePasquale helps clients with all aspects of criminal law, personal injury, and medical malpractice. Mr. DePasquale defends clients against all charges and helps clients be restored to whole when they have been injured or economically damaged.

Mr. DePasquale keeps his clients up to date through all stages of their case, he answers phone calls, he forms relationships with his clients, he visits his clients in jail, he always provides zealous representation through all stages of the case, and he always does what is in the best interest of his client. Whether it is fighting for your freedom or for your financial compensation, when the odds are stacked against you Mr. DePasquale will be the one in your corner.

Mr. DePasquale was born and raised in the City of Pittsburgh and has lived here all his life. Mr. DePasquale has been practicing law in Pittsburgh for over thirty-seven years and he is an experienced hometown attorney who has been fighting for his clients since day one.

Se habla español tambien.