Areas of Practice

James DePasquale practices and does work in the areas of Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Medical Mal Practice, Insurance Bad Faith Law, Products Liability, Civil Service cases, and basic practitioner work. If there is any area of law that Mr. DePasquale does not practice he can still refer you to the best attorneys who work in those areas. Mr. DePasquale has worked as a lawyer in the Pittsburgh community for over 37 years and his father, the late Eugene “Jeep” DePasquale, was the president of Pittsburgh City Council and his nephew Eugene DePasquale is the Pennsylvania Auditor General in his second term. Therefore Mr. DePasquale has a tremendous network all throughout Pennsylvania and he can help you with any legal problem you may have.

  • Criminal Law – Over 37 years of experience. Tried hundreds of cases to jury verdict, including 12 homicide cases, four of which were death penalty cases. Mr. DePasquale does all criminal cases (drugs, DUIs, federal cases, etc.). He visits his clients in jail and performs all stages of cases. Mr. DePasquale got Thomas Doswell out of prison after being wrongfully incarcerated for over 19 years.

  • Personal Injury – Over 37 years of experience. Tried hundreds of cases to jury verdict. Mr. DePasquale does all personal injury cases including car accidents, work injuries, slip and fall, etc.


  • Medical Mal Practice – Over 37 years of experience. Mr. DePasquale does all medical mal practice cases regardless of the hospital, doctor, or type of injury. Mr. DePasquale has tried so many medical mal practice cases over the years that he is now practically an expert in terms of knowledge of the human body.


  • Products Liability – When a defective product injures someone. Mr. DePasquale has settled multiple products liability cases for over $100,000.00.


  • Consumer Protection – When there is a misrepresentation in the sale to a consumer. Mr. DePasquale was the lead attorney in a class action case against a giant life insurance company where he won millions of dollars for his clients.


  • Insurance Bad Faith – When insurance companies lie about coverage or adjust a case in an improper way. Mr. DePasquale was the lead attorney in Bonenberger v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. (2002), a landmark case decided by the Pennsylvania Superior Court that became the roadmap to Insurance Bad Faith cases in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Here Mr. DePasquale won over $300,000.00 for his clients.


  • Civil Service – Over 37 years of experience. These are cases concerning the employment (hiring, firing, or disqualification) of Firemen, Police, Sheriffs, Correctional Officers, EMTs, etc. Mr. DePasquale does these for all of the above-mentioned officers however the majority of his work has been done with the Pittsburgh Fire Department. Mr. DePasquale has forced the Pittsburgh Fire Department not once, but twice to grant all armed forces veteran applicants the additional 10 points towards their applications that the City of Pittsburgh was attempting to wrongfully withhold from those who served this country.


  • Basic Practitioner – Over 37 years of experience. Mr. DePasquale drafts wills, contracts, deed/estate transfers, and helps with anything else that the average person may need legal assistance with.


  • Associates – As a lifelong resident of the inner City of Pittsburgh, and with many political and legal connections, if there is any legal problem that you have in a field that Mr. DePasquale does not specialize in, he will still know the best attorneys who work in such fields and he will point you in the right direction and make sure that you are placed in the hands of a competent attorney who will provide you with the proper legal service that you need and not take advantage of you.